Eastern Data provides Solutions for all types of embossing needs, Metal or Plastic.


Metal Plate Embossers


Metal plates are chemical resistant and survive in harsh environments. They provide long-term identification.

    Applications include:
  • Automotive Body & VIN Plates
  • Military ID Tags
  • Cable/Hose Tag
  • Inventory/Asset Control Tags
  • Work-in-Progress Components Identification
  • Tags for Galvanized/Heat-treated Processes
  • Serial Number Tags
  • Tracking Metal Plates


Plastic Card Embossers


Plastic Card Embossers have been the standard in persistent data transfer for many years now. Embossers can do a variety of functions. The main function is to stamp the plastic card so characters are permanently raised from the cards' surface (think bank card, patient plate, etc.). Other functions can include magnetic stripe encoding, printing, smart card programming, indenting and foil tipping. Imprinting machines transfer embossed data to forms. Magnetic stripe readers and smart card readers are used in a plethora of applications to read card data. This is a proven, reliable way to store and transfer data, eliminating human error and time taken to hand copy information. Embossers come in manual and powered versions. The powered embossers usually can be connected to a computer system as a printer and can be integrated with a database application.

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